What Will The World of 2050 Look Like?



Well, 2050 is about 30 years from now, which clearly implies that we can imagine the possible things that could happen in the future. But it is also far enough away that we can’t be confident about the future, as it is never certain! There are many studies that are being conducted of the world of 2050. There have also been many predictions that are made which have been collected from the experts, futurists and the everyday life people and it has been displayed on the interactive map of the world.

There is an interactive 3d globe which consists of many interactive points which are based in different colours. There are gold points which are completely interactive, which allows the users to explore various places which will include cities like Chicago, Barcelona, New York, Shanghai and Dhaka in a full 360 – degrees view which can actually accommodate the virtual reality. All the users over the globe can have an access to the site for predictions which range from the years 2030 to 2050.

What are the future predictions in the various parts of the world?

According to predictions, in the future of 2050, the sea levels will rise by almost a few dozen centimetres, which can even lead to the flooding of the coastal regions. The countries that are rich and have a better experience will be able to equip their coastal regions with all the protection that is required while a country like Bangladesh will not able to do so.

New York City has predictions which include enhanced humans, augmented reality, private energy, green skyscrapers and much more. Communication as well as its accessibility will be at an all – time high, with all the food and entertainment and news which will be ever ready for our consumption as per our preference.

Next is shanghai, the experts say that there will be multifunctional skyscrapers that will be looming over the horizon. The buildings will consist of floors which will be dedicated to offices, shops, manufacturing, educational centres and even residential areas which will let people to live their lives to the fullest without even having to leave their building.

What will be the other transformations of the future?

It is also said that by the year of 2050, we will have something that is known as the smart grid, where all the appliances will be directly linked to all the energy distribution systems. This will allow real time pricing which will be based on the supply and demand. This kind of a technology will be beneficial to countries like India and China.

Apart from these transformations, internet, which is fast changing will also play a role in transforming the media, which will destroy the traditional model of what a new organization is. What will this new technology actually imply? It is considered that these advances in technology will make us all the more empowered, motivated and active, rather than being mindless consumers of information and entertainment.


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