How Solar Power Can Help Us Grow?



Solar energy is very essential to life on earth. It provides the energy which is required for almost every ecosystem on this planet. Apart from making our own existence possible, the direct energy from the sun is considered to be a clean and a renewable alternative to the fossil fuels. At present it supplies only a fraction of global energy, but the solar industry is a rapidly expanding component of the energy sector which can be renewed. Solar energy is considered to be non–polluting. This technology can also cut down on the noise pollution which is generally associated with the generation of energy.

The importance of solar energy for electricity

The modern solar technology is divided into two categories, on being active and the other one being passive. The passive solar energy exploits the heat of the sun directly like a building designed to provide this natural light. While the active solar technology will include the photovoltaic and solar – thermal systems. The radiation from the sun is the ultimate driver of many other sources of energy.

What will be the benefits of using solar power and how can it help us grow?

  • Reduced emissions of the Greenhouse gases: When fossil fuels are burnt greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane are introduced into the atmosphere. These gases absorb the outgoing long wave radiation from the planet are also considered to boost the global temperatures. When solar energy is used, there is no emission of such greenhouse gases, but there could be a possibility that these emissions can actually result from the production and installation of this solar technology.
  • Versatile, low maintenance and quite flexible: solar energy is considered be modular. Once you have installed this solar technology, it tends to be of low maintenance. The solar setups that are highly localized can work quite well in the rural or the developing areas where the grid energy is not available, cannot be relied upon or is too expensive.
  • Independence of energy and the national security: as compared to the other potential sources of energy, sunlight is one universally available resource, which might vary geographically and seasonally in the amount and also in tis intensity. If there can be capitalization of such a productive domestic supply of energy, then there can be a reduction in the country’s dependence on the sources of foreign energy. Apart from that it can also be a distributed energy system which is better when safe guarded from the natural disasters. It is also considered to be less vulnerable then a centralized power grid to the attacks of a terrorist.
  • Jobs in the solar sector: the renewable energy is considered to be more labour – intensive than the sector which consists of the fossil fuel and thus is more capable of supporting more jobs per unit of energy that is being produced. There could be more than three times the number of new jobs as would be created if relied on the fossil fuels alone for the equivalent production.

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