Food Science: 5 Facts You Don’t Know


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Food is essential for the survival for the entire mankind. Even plants require food for their healthy growth and survival. Here are 5 food science facts that you must have not known about, let us see what these include:

  • Loud music has the ability to make you drink more and faster: as studies have shown, that loud music in a bar or any place often leads to people to drink quick and fast. There was this survey that as conducted on young men who were between the age of 18 and 25. It was seen that when the music was played louder, these men drank quicker. It has been inferred that loud music must have caused higher arousal which is why they ended up buying more drinks. Loud music made it hard to socialise and thus drinking more was the response. This study was held just to see what effect our surrounding would have on our behaviour. Also the bar proprietors must make sure that they instil an atmosphere that wouldn’t promote heavy drinking.
  • Peanut butter can actually make its contribution in the making of diamonds: this can be exciting and crazy but yes there is a catch here! In order to make diamonds out of peanut butter you will have to replicate the Earth’s lower mantle conditions which is about 2,200 degrees centigrade. There are scientists that are working on this who would want to recreate these conditions.
  • Many pistachios can spontaneously have a combust: pistachios are said to have low water and high fat content, which is why they are said to burst out in flames. These nuts and their kernels can get overheated if they are stored in the oily fibrous materials that is being used for their transportation.
  • No chocolates, if there are no flies: wait, what? How is there a relation between flies and chocolates? Well, there is a secret behind the making of chocolates and if these don’t exist we’d run out of chocolates! Ouch! There is this species of microscopic midge, which fertilize and help in the pollination of the cocoa trees that we rely upon for chocolates. These actually allow the cocoa trees to live, grow the cocoa pods and spread its seeds. These are the silent heroes to whom we really need to be grateful to and salute the Chocolate League!
  • The stickers on fruits are edible: this is not a known fact, sometimes you are too engrossed in eating your fruits and you do not realize about the sticker that is on it. But later you realise that you have ingested it and you worry that it is some toxic adhesive. But in fact, these fruit stickers are fact edible and they are non – toxic too. But wait, even if they are non –toxic they still aren’t good for your health. In case you have consumed one without knowledge it is absolutely fine, but don’t think that you need to consume every fruit sticker that comes your way!

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