Countries That Are Doing Great Research in Technology



There are various countries all over the globe that have gained and are maintaining their position of a country with the world class technology. Technology is considered to be one of the nation’s main weapons since this technology can help the country to build and create something without mush of a hassle.

There have been many countries that are actually been referred to as the technologically advanced countries due to their immense knowledge, skills and the expertise that they possess. Mentioned below are a few top most countries who have the most advances technology in the world, these include:

  • Japan: this country has a great potential in developing technology. Recently there has been an invention, where in a dimensional elevator can actually transport you from one floor to another in just a blink of the eye. The technological advances made by the Japanese does seem to comfort and make the human life more easy and convenient. This country is also an inventor in the laser gun, which makes it the best in technology and developing country in the field of science.
  • The United States of America: this is actually considered to be one of the fastest growing technological countries in the world. It has known to develop the finest system of intelligence, to which all the credit goes out to its technological equipment. America has companies like Dell and Intel and others which seem to show an unlimited progress.
  • India: well, this country is known to be the sixth country that has the highest technology. Most of the new technology of the software is actually from India. All the advice that is essential from the silicon – valley is taken from this country. India has made advancements in technology since it has the first university in the world which teaches all the technological sciences. Also Sanskrit was considered to be a useful language for the computer system and even NASA is planning to use it. This country has many natural resources which can be extracted and used in a positive way for the good purpose and advancement in technology.
  • South Korea: this country is always doing well in all the areas of technology, even though it has been considered to be a poor country, it can rapidly rise in both economy and technology. This country has some amazing production of air conditioners, robots, computers, trains, airplanes helicopters, cars and much more. Also the country has the fastest internet speed in the entire world. South Korea is also considered to be the biggest rival for Japan and China in Asia.
  • Australia: Australia is famous since it has been adopting new technologies at a faster rate as compared to most other countries in the world. The researchers and scientists in Australia are the ones who are responsible for major breakthroughs and technological development all around the world. The growth of technology in this country has increased the opportunities for its innovation and design. Also it has helped many industries in making improvements in their establishments that are already existing.

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