5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Car



Since a few years ago, there has been an increasing demand for electric cars, but have you ever wondered as to why there a demand for these electric vehicles? There are many underlying reasons why you should go in for an electric car. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Electric cars are less expensive than the gas cars: as compared to the conventional gas vehicles, the electric cars are less expensive, thus making the electric cars quite affordable. The cost of operating electric vehicles will save you some bucks on the life of your car. In every way, an electric car will cost you less in its maintenance as compared to the gas – powered car. You do not have to buy any gas, you do not have to change any oil, no smog tests to be conducted and there is a less possibility of parts breaking or wearing out. There are many electric car owners who can go without any servicing or car repairs.
  • The electric cars are better for the air that we take in: the electric cars consist of zero tailpipe emissions, this is one reason as to why we can look forward to a cleaner and safer environment if there are more electric cars plying on the roads. If the air is clean, we can expect that there will be lesser diseases in the world, which also means that there will be less stress on the public health systems, hospitals and much more. When there are less greenhouse gas emissions it will save the ozone layer and also will reduce the carbon footprint. We cannot stop global warming but we can definitely slow down its onset.
  • Electric cars have low maintenance needs: these electric cars have few parts that move thus there is no much risk of these parts wearing out. This in turn will save so much of your time and money in the long run. You will no longer have to rent a car while yours is being serviced or no more failed transmissions. You will still have to look well after your brakes and they are sure to last much longer than they do on a vehicle which is powered by gas.
  • The electric vehicles have to go through the same safety tests as the gas powered vehicles: having to go undergo the same safety tests, you can be fully assured that these vehicles are absolutely safe to drive. These electronic vehicles will secure a high score in the crash test safety ratings. Also these electric cars are far less likely to catch fire in comparison to the gas cars.
  • An electric vehicle driver gets more privileges as compared to the other drivers: you are entitled to a preferential treatment. Preferential parking spaces which are situated near the entrance of the stores, also you can get the opportunity to pass everyone in high – occupancy lanes on the highway. Apart from that you also get free public charging as some of the benefits of being an electric car driver.

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