Food Science: 5 Facts You Don’t Know

Food is essential for the survival for the entire mankind. Even plants require food for their healthy growth and survival. Here are 5 food science facts that you must have not known about, let us see what these include:

  • Loud music has the ability to make you drink more and faster: as studies have shown, that loud music in a bar or any place often leads to people to drink quick and fast. There was this survey that as conducted on young men who were between the age of 18 and 25. It was seen that when the music was played louder, these men drank quicker. It has been inferred that loud music must have caused higher arousal which is why they ended up buying more drinks. Loud music made it hard to socialise and thus drinking more was the response. This study was held just to see what effect our surrounding would have on our behaviour. Also the bar proprietors must make sure that they instil an atmosphere that wouldn’t promote heavy drinking.
  • Peanut butter can actually make its contribution in the making of diamonds: this can be exciting and crazy but yes there is a catch here! In order to make diamonds out of peanut butter you will have to replicate the Earth’s lower mantle conditions which is about 2,200 degrees centigrade. There are scientists that are working on this who would want to recreate these conditions.
  • Many pistachios can spontaneously have a combust: pistachios are said to have low water and high fat content, which is why they are said to burst out in flames. These nuts and their kernels can get overheated if they are stored in the oily fibrous materials that is being used for their transportation.
  • No chocolates, if there are no flies: wait, what? How is there a relation between flies and chocolates? Well, there is a secret behind the making of chocolates and if these don’t exist we’d run out of chocolates! Ouch! There is this species of microscopic midge, which fertilize and help in the pollination of the cocoa trees that we rely upon for chocolates. These actually allow the cocoa trees to live, grow the cocoa pods and spread its seeds. These are the silent heroes to whom we really need to be grateful to and salute the Chocolate League!
  • The stickers on fruits are edible: this is not a known fact, sometimes you are too engrossed in eating your fruits and you do not realize about the sticker that is on it. But later you realise that you have ingested it and you worry that it is some toxic adhesive. But in fact, these fruit stickers are fact edible and they are non – toxic too. But wait, even if they are non –toxic they still aren’t good for your health. In case you have consumed one without knowledge it is absolutely fine, but don’t think that you need to consume every fruit sticker that comes your way!

How Solar Power Can Help Us Grow?

Solar energy is very essential to life on earth. It provides the energy which is required for almost every ecosystem on this planet. Apart from making our own existence possible, the direct energy from the sun is considered to be a clean and a renewable alternative to the fossil fuels. At present it supplies only a fraction of global energy, but the solar industry is a rapidly expanding component of the energy sector which can be renewed. Solar energy is considered to be non–polluting. This technology can also cut down on the noise pollution which is generally associated with the generation of energy.

The importance of solar energy for electricity

The modern solar technology is divided into two categories, on being active and the other one being passive. The passive solar energy exploits the heat of the sun directly like a building designed to provide this natural light. While the active solar technology will include the photovoltaic and solar – thermal systems. The radiation from the sun is the ultimate driver of many other sources of energy.

What will be the benefits of using solar power and how can it help us grow?

  • Reduced emissions of the Greenhouse gases: When fossil fuels are burnt greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane are introduced into the atmosphere. These gases absorb the outgoing long wave radiation from the planet are also considered to boost the global temperatures. When solar energy is used, there is no emission of such greenhouse gases, but there could be a possibility that these emissions can actually result from the production and installation of this solar technology.
  • Versatile, low maintenance and quite flexible: solar energy is considered be modular. Once you have installed this solar technology, it tends to be of low maintenance. The solar setups that are highly localized can work quite well in the rural or the developing areas where the grid energy is not available, cannot be relied upon or is too expensive.
  • Independence of energy and the national security: as compared to the other potential sources of energy, sunlight is one universally available resource, which might vary geographically and seasonally in the amount and also in tis intensity. If there can be capitalization of such a productive domestic supply of energy, then there can be a reduction in the country’s dependence on the sources of foreign energy. Apart from that it can also be a distributed energy system which is better when safe guarded from the natural disasters. It is also considered to be less vulnerable then a centralized power grid to the attacks of a terrorist.
  • Jobs in the solar sector: the renewable energy is considered to be more labour – intensive than the sector which consists of the fossil fuel and thus is more capable of supporting more jobs per unit of energy that is being produced. There could be more than three times the number of new jobs as would be created if relied on the fossil fuels alone for the equivalent production.

What Will The World of 2050 Look Like?

Well, 2050 is about 30 years from now, which clearly implies that we can imagine the possible things that could happen in the future. But it is also far enough away that we can’t be confident about the future, as it is never certain! There are many studies that are being conducted of the world of 2050. There have also been many predictions that are made which have been collected from the experts, futurists and the everyday life people and it has been displayed on the interactive map of the world.

There is an interactive 3d globe which consists of many interactive points which are based in different colours. There are gold points which are completely interactive, which allows the users to explore various places which will include cities like Chicago, Barcelona, New York, Shanghai and Dhaka in a full 360 – degrees view which can actually accommodate the virtual reality. All the users over the globe can have an access to the site for predictions which range from the years 2030 to 2050.

What are the future predictions in the various parts of the world?

According to predictions, in the future of 2050, the sea levels will rise by almost a few dozen centimetres, which can even lead to the flooding of the coastal regions. The countries that are rich and have a better experience will be able to equip their coastal regions with all the protection that is required while a country like Bangladesh will not able to do so.

New York City has predictions which include enhanced humans, augmented reality, private energy, green skyscrapers and much more. Communication as well as its accessibility will be at an all – time high, with all the food and entertainment and news which will be ever ready for our consumption as per our preference.

Next is shanghai, the experts say that there will be multifunctional skyscrapers that will be looming over the horizon. The buildings will consist of floors which will be dedicated to offices, shops, manufacturing, educational centres and even residential areas which will let people to live their lives to the fullest without even having to leave their building.

What will be the other transformations of the future?

It is also said that by the year of 2050, we will have something that is known as the smart grid, where all the appliances will be directly linked to all the energy distribution systems. This will allow real time pricing which will be based on the supply and demand. This kind of a technology will be beneficial to countries like India and China.

Apart from these transformations, internet, which is fast changing will also play a role in transforming the media, which will destroy the traditional model of what a new organization is. What will this new technology actually imply? It is considered that these advances in technology will make us all the more empowered, motivated and active, rather than being mindless consumers of information and entertainment.


5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Car

Since a few years ago, there has been an increasing demand for electric cars, but have you ever wondered as to why there a demand for these electric vehicles? There are many underlying reasons why you should go in for an electric car. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Electric cars are less expensive than the gas cars: as compared to the conventional gas vehicles, the electric cars are less expensive, thus making the electric cars quite affordable. The cost of operating electric vehicles will save you some bucks on the life of your car. In every way, an electric car will cost you less in its maintenance as compared to the gas – powered car. You do not have to buy any gas, you do not have to change any oil, no smog tests to be conducted and there is a less possibility of parts breaking or wearing out. There are many electric car owners who can go without any servicing or car repairs.
  • The electric cars are better for the air that we take in: the electric cars consist of zero tailpipe emissions, this is one reason as to why we can look forward to a cleaner and safer environment if there are more electric cars plying on the roads. If the air is clean, we can expect that there will be lesser diseases in the world, which also means that there will be less stress on the public health systems, hospitals and much more. When there are less greenhouse gas emissions it will save the ozone layer and also will reduce the carbon footprint. We cannot stop global warming but we can definitely slow down its onset.
  • Electric cars have low maintenance needs: these electric cars have few parts that move thus there is no much risk of these parts wearing out. This in turn will save so much of your time and money in the long run. You will no longer have to rent a car while yours is being serviced or no more failed transmissions. You will still have to look well after your brakes and they are sure to last much longer than they do on a vehicle which is powered by gas.
  • The electric vehicles have to go through the same safety tests as the gas powered vehicles: having to go undergo the same safety tests, you can be fully assured that these vehicles are absolutely safe to drive. These electronic vehicles will secure a high score in the crash test safety ratings. Also these electric cars are far less likely to catch fire in comparison to the gas cars.
  • An electric vehicle driver gets more privileges as compared to the other drivers: you are entitled to a preferential treatment. Preferential parking spaces which are situated near the entrance of the stores, also you can get the opportunity to pass everyone in high – occupancy lanes on the highway. Apart from that you also get free public charging as some of the benefits of being an electric car driver.

Countries That Are Doing Great Research in Technology

There are various countries all over the globe that have gained and are maintaining their position of a country with the world class technology. Technology is considered to be one of the nation’s main weapons since this technology can help the country to build and create something without mush of a hassle.

There have been many countries that are actually been referred to as the technologically advanced countries due to their immense knowledge, skills and the expertise that they possess. Mentioned below are a few top most countries who have the most advances technology in the world, these include:

  • Japan: this country has a great potential in developing technology. Recently there has been an invention, where in a dimensional elevator can actually transport you from one floor to another in just a blink of the eye. The technological advances made by the Japanese does seem to comfort and make the human life more easy and convenient. This country is also an inventor in the laser gun, which makes it the best in technology and developing country in the field of science.
  • The United States of America: this is actually considered to be one of the fastest growing technological countries in the world. It has known to develop the finest system of intelligence, to which all the credit goes out to its technological equipment. America has companies like Dell and Intel and others which seem to show an unlimited progress.
  • India: well, this country is known to be the sixth country that has the highest technology. Most of the new technology of the software is actually from India. All the advice that is essential from the silicon – valley is taken from this country. India has made advancements in technology since it has the first university in the world which teaches all the technological sciences. Also Sanskrit was considered to be a useful language for the computer system and even NASA is planning to use it. This country has many natural resources which can be extracted and used in a positive way for the good purpose and advancement in technology.
  • South Korea: this country is always doing well in all the areas of technology, even though it has been considered to be a poor country, it can rapidly rise in both economy and technology. This country has some amazing production of air conditioners, robots, computers, trains, airplanes helicopters, cars and much more. Also the country has the fastest internet speed in the entire world. South Korea is also considered to be the biggest rival for Japan and China in Asia.
  • Australia: Australia is famous since it has been adopting new technologies at a faster rate as compared to most other countries in the world. The researchers and scientists in Australia are the ones who are responsible for major breakthroughs and technological development all around the world. The growth of technology in this country has increased the opportunities for its innovation and design. Also it has helped many industries in making improvements in their establishments that are already existing.